Workplace Chaplaincy in Bury St Edmunds


The Role of a Chaplain


What does a chaplain do?


A Chaplain talks with individuals or groups at any level within the workplace. Chaplains have a concern for the pastoral and spiritual well-being of every individual without distinction of race, sex, cultural, spiritual, politics, religious or other opinion and whatever their position in the community. Where it is convenient staff are welcome to speak to the Chaplain during visits or to make an appointment to see them at another time, either at work or elsewhere.


Why talk to a Chaplain?


Pressures outside of the workplace sometimes cause the greatest difficulties and when people become distracted by these they can often find it hard to achieve what is expected of them.


The first step to alleviate the difficulties is to share them with someone, and an independent ear can help. The role of the Chaplain is independent of but complementary to that of the manager and the Personnel/HR department, and crucially is unconditional, non-judgemental and confidential.


How to contact a Chaplain


If you would like to talk to a Chaplain or arrange a visit to your Company/Organisation please Click on the Contact Us link and our Chaplain will be happy to contact you and discuss your questions and requirements.